About Us


PreLabs serves as a contract support partner to the global research community by providing discovery and preclinical solutions in various research models with a focus on non-human primates. We provide global strategy, sales, marketing and operational consulting services and leverage our industry and academic relationships to deliver collaborative, innovative and cost-effective solutions in support of your research initiatives. PreLabs operates in state-of-the-art facilities that meet USDA and AAALAC International accreditation standards and are supported by AALAS certified technical staff. We are committed to serving as a support partner to CRO, Pharma, Government, Academia and Government institutions.


PrimGen is the non-human primate (NHP) division of PreLabs, offering comprehensive, client-driven and quality solutions to the preclinical research community. We supply quality NHPs, including Cynomolgus, Rhesus, African Green and other NHP models, through our regional distribution sites. PrimGen’s capabilities include:

  • Sourcing & Importation
  • Quarantine & Holding
  • Sales & Regionalized Distribution
  • Biological Products & Services
  • Logistical Services
  • Genetic Services
  • Breeding


Primera Science Center (PSC) is a 50-acre/20-hectare preclinical research campus dedicated to in vivo and in vitro research in multi-species with a focus on nonhuman primates (NHPs). Primera is designed to support multiple custom-tailored preclinical research programs. It is ideally situated in a subtropical climate conducive to animal welfare and enrichment Featuring state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor stainless steel housing designed to optimize animal welfare, enhance security and provide protection from inclement weather. Primera’s NHP program focuses on enrichment, behavior, training & development while utilizing best animal welfare practices.


Synergy is a comprehensive data management solution designed for animal and facility management with capabilities:

  • Electronic Records & Reporting
  • Medical Care & Enrichment
  • Inventory & Cost Tracking
  • Custom Security & Notifications